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The Chinese have an expression ‘shang shan’ (to go uphill) to escape the pressure of daily life and see things from a different perspective. It’s not always easy to head up a hill or hike up a mountain, although I highly recommend you do!

I must say climbing my first mountain gave me a whole new perspective on life, and a whole new career. It’s fair to say that I was a different person at the summit from the person I was at base camp. The belief in my potential heightened with every step I took. The differing views from base camp, along the trail, and finally on the summit offered many new insights along the way. On the way up I took time to stop and look behind me to see where I had been and just how far I had already come.

It became clear to me that it was not the actual standing on the summit that had changed me, it was the journey I had experienced getting there. High up in the clouds at 4095m I could see a very different view from where I started. I saw a whole new world waiting to be explored and a whole new chapter of my life unravelling.

The mountain was Mount Kota Kinabalu in Malaysian Borneo standing at 4095 m . I climbed the mountain 14 years ago  to celebrate my 40th birthday …  this April I will be 54 and have published my first book ” MOVING MOUNTAINS” so figured it would be really cool to return to the Mountain and take the book to the Summit ! 

How would  a higher perspective help you right now ? 

Is it your birthday in April ?  

Is it a ” zero limits” birthday – 40 50 or 60 ? 

The Summit is calling you – will you answer the call to adventure ? 

Join me 4-8th April 2016 and reach new heights ! 

Details on – Take Part / Up Coming Challenges.  or call 050 6595536 

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