Word of mouth and personal referrals are the highest form of compliment I can receive so please keep them coming!

Thank you for taking the time to write a testimonial or refer me to clients who you feel would benefit from one of my programs. I am ready to move mountains and give a 100 % from the moment the connection is made. Your success is my success and together we can create next level performers today!


Ready for your next life adventure? Whether you’re looking to make the next move in your career or take the next step as a business leader, Jules will encourage you to reach the highest summit and steamroll obstacles that will allow you to reach higher perspectives and gain a new outlook in life. Her positive, encouraging attitude will help anyone who feels “stuck” in their daily routing to take that giant leap into greatness! “

Jeffrey Hayzlett
Chairman, C-Suite Network
Tariq Querishy

Very few speakers have the charisma and immediate connection with audience that Jules has … it is quite a gift. When you add authenticity, real personal experiences and insights to her content then it really resonates with people and they become quite engaged. I have worked with her and would enthusiastically recommend her to any audience because she has the personality and a beautiful soul to win them over and get her message across meaningfully.

Tariq Querishy
CEO, Vantage Capital & 100 % MAD

I am eternally grateful to the various entities in the UAE who recommended Julie for her energy fueled, confidence boosting and empathetic approach to team building. Our goals of enhanced communication and the realization of the importance of teamwork in achieving our success were very much realized and we came away a truly motivated and closer knit team as a result of Julie’s time. Thank you Julie and long may your inspirational flame continue to burn.

Harry Dawson
Business Development Manager, Northrup Grumman

If you are looking to inspire your team or your organization then Jules Lewis is the women to guide you all the way to the summit be it a real or metaphorical mountain.

Roslyn Mason
Head of Learning and Development, AECOM Middle East

Julie is a very engaging and passionate speaker, she not only knows the theory of personal development, she truly “lives “ it. She has a remarkable ability to demonstrate leadership through real hands on practical experiences and an even greater ability to be able to share those leadership insights with others.

Rachel Handley -
ENOC (Emirates National Oil Company)

Jules delivered a powerful presentation on Confidence to the team with very clear calls to action. We look forward to bringing her back on a regular basis to reinforce the lessons learnt.

Sian Boston
Head of Learning and Development, Bank of New York Mellon, Hong Kong

Jules Lewis is one of the most inspirational women I’ve met. She is vibrant, honest and dynamic. Her positive outlook on life is infectious and this quality is clearly reflected in her keynotes.

Jules’ passion for life combined with her genuine philosophy of helping others is remarkable. Totally AMAZING.

Angela Enbom
Arctic Women’s Challenge Team

Jules is a natural born speaker whose authentic energy and passion exuded throughout her Antarctica presentation to the group. She truly walks, talks and breathes her passion for inspiring people to live their wildest dreams and push past any perceived limits. Her legendry expeditions have given ordinary men and women the opportunity to achieve the extraordinary and we look forward to inviting her to share more stories and footage of future adventures.

Linda Rushkin
British Business Group Dubai
linden coppell

During Jules presentation she gave examples of her involvement with various community and corporate CSR initiatives. She highlighted how one can make a difference and benefit personally and professionally through working together and giving back through the community. The keynote with Jules was a great success and inspired participants to take action. We are planning more events with Jules to develop our i-volunteers.

Linden Coppell
Head of Sustainability and CSR, Etihad Airways, Abu Dhabi

Jules Lewis gave an inspiring and arousing keynote at our 2014 Women’s conference that had everyone on their feet.
We had so many positive comments from our audience who obviously enjoyed the speech immensely. Jules has the rare gift to not only make people feel inspired but also move them to action.

Carolin Zeitler
CEO, How Women Work Conference, Tatawar

I’ve known Julie, seen her in action many times and worked with her over a number of years and cannot recommend enough her ventures and work for their high impact, high energy and highly rewarding results.

Adrian Hayes
Adventurer, Speaker, Business Coach, Adrian Hayes
Sana Bagersh

Julie speaks with a true voice; one that comes from the depths of her own life’s experiences. She inspires because she talks like a friend, with empathy, humor and hope. Her authenticity resonates and it makes you want to be in her aura of endless possibilities.

Sana Bagersh
CEO, Women In Business Chairwoman, American Chamber of Commerce, Brand Moxie


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