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Julie Lewis works with organizations that want to create NEXT LEVEL  performers who will succeed in a CHALLENGING and CHANGING marketplace.


Julie is a world class adventurer who changes and challenges the way people think, act and dream. Her programs use stories gleaned from real life adventures to create memorable and actionable strategies that can be applied immediately to takepeople to the next level in their careers and lives.

Her C-Suite Best Seller Book, MOVING MOUNTAINS, is a personal development workbook packed with leadership lessons for 21st Century business and life.


Bounce Back Higher and Stronger

Test and assess current levels of resilience

  • Utilize RQ ( Resilience Quotient ) reports to quantify results
  • Activate a “solution orientated –action focused” mindset
  • Enhance individual accountability
  • Adapt swiftly to change
  • Manage stress and anxiety

Whole Person Total Succes

  • Think, eat, move and sleep like a champion
  • Master essential leadership traits
  • Lead by example and lead fearlessly
  • Integrate and balance all areas of your life
  • Put your own oxygen mask on first
  • Develop new ways of looking at ongoing challenges

Based on the key concepts from Julie’s best seller 

  • Develop a “ Mountain Mindset”
  • Kick start your adventurous spirit
  • Leave the comfort zone and step into your growth zone
  • Access your inner resources & fully utilize your strengths
  • Incorporate the “Power of Three” and “AUDREY” principle
  • Live by the Four Agreements

*Program formats : Keynote speech, breakout sessions, half
or full day workshops, off-site retreats , expeditions .

Are you ready to move mountains, discover the mountain in you. . .or maybe even climb one?
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