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Moving Mountains

In this adventure of soulful stories, wisdom, thought-provoking exercises and actionable ideas, Julie gently guides you to discovering your inner mountain and finding your path forward emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically in business and in life.

Uncharted Waters 3d 1

Uncharted Waters

Take the plunge and immerse yourself in different bodies of water to experience the transformative power, healing, guidance and inspiration that water offers us when we take the time to be still and listen to her messages.

About the author

Julie is a high energy, high content speaker, motivational in style. She speaks from the heart and three decades of experience. Her strengths based approach energizes people to make positive changes and take massive action using research based tools and strategies.  She has enabled hundreds of teams and organizations to step out of their comfort zone, stay focused, motivated, overcome obstacles, have the courage to try new things, take consistent daily action and move swiftly to the next level of performance.