Julie Lewis is human sunshine. A soulful phoenix, rising from the ashes to answer the call of the wild; using adventure as a tool to awaken and access untested strengths and limitless potential. It is the skill of resilience, courage, and joy that Julie embodies and shares with so many. Having climbed some of the World’s highest mountains peaks, being held at gunpoint crossing the desert during the Gulf crisis, widowed at 36, starting the first female expedition company in Middle East in 2003 and caring for her husband through stage 4 brain cancer to complete recovery are just a few of the diverse and unusual experiences that have allowed her to perfect the art and science of resilience and turn adversity into positive transformation and growth. Julie has and shares an empowering story of courage, resilience, and trust. A story of tremendous inward focus, strength, and connection.

Julie shines a light on the path for others to venture forward, to embrace the highs, lows, and plateaus; to reach higher, delve deeper and look beyond the horizon. Her insightful connection to nature has given her the ability to lead others through transformations of their own

She radiates a magnetic energy, a deep sense of self and understanding of others that draws clients from around the globe. As a spirited, entrepreneurial adventurer, in demand speaker, an award-winning author and the foremost expert on resilience, natural well-being and strength-based leadership, Julie will help you climb and move any mountain as you journey to your highest and awakened self.

Julie is the ‘go to’ woman for turning adversity and setbacks into fulfilling challenges and personal transformation. Exploring inner worlds and connecting with nature’s raw and honest beauty, she celebrated her 40th birthday on the summit of Kota Kinabalu.

With a reignited sense of awe and wonder after experiencing natures transformative powers Julie found her freedom in the reverence of the mountains, the vitality of the ocean, the energy of the forest and the beauty of the desert.

Forever changed by the clarity she achieved on her personal journey of self-discovery, she shares her growth and success principles with others leading them to a new level of joy, self-awareness and connection that enables them to flourish by learning and applying resilience, self-awareness and embracing their connection to others, self, and nature.

To understand Julie is to understand her in her different elements:

The Adventurer-Explorer-Warrior-Sage

It is in our nature to explore, to reach out into the unknown. The only true failure would be not to explore at all.

To travel is to live and Julie is passionate about offering unique opportunities for her clients to experience new cultures, landscapes, and people as an active, engaging way to see the world through an expanded lens. At the same time this allows for personal growth, accelerated performance and resilience. Her projects create opportunities to make a philanthropic difference to locations visited. She has developed a rare richness through her adventures that has gifted her the ability to walk between worlds, crossing all cultural and generational boundaries.

In 2007 Julie created the “Tickled Pink Series “– a series of local activities, a breast cancer survivors dragon boat team, and an expedition to the Arctic to raise funds for Brest Friends – a UAE support group established by Dr.Houriya Kazim.

In 2012 she trained and led the first all-female team of 12 Breast cancer Survivors to Antarctica and created a short film and book to document the team’s journey.

Julie has personally climbed the highest peaks in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe, attempted a solo swim of the English-channel and continues to seek out new adventures for herself and the groups she leads.

Her signature expeditions have seen her training and leading multi-national teams on 61 expeditions on all 7 continents, often to challenging, remote and unpredictable environments.

She won the support of two Royal Patrons for expeditions, was sponsored by Land Rover for 5 years, led a breast-cancer survivor’s trip to Antarctica and won the hearts of local, regional, and international media. She is passionate about offering unique opportunities for her clients to experience more than they ever thought possible.

Moving into 2022 Julie has created a special ‘60 Years on the Planet Project ‘to mark her 60th birthday and 20 years of adventures. She is passionate about bringing people together and harnessing the collective energy of the team on a meaningful quest.

The project is a series of unforgettable adventure, unique experiences, and journeys of self-discovery with 3 distinct themes:

Regenerative – leaving a place better than when it was found.
Restorative – restoring mental and emotional well-being
Re-Wilding – reconnecting with nature after months of lockdown.

A full and fulfilling life awaits you when you join Julie on her expeditions and retreats.

You are in tried and tested good hands!

Wherever you go, go with all your heart

The Speaker

Stories and insights that change the way people think, act and dream

Julie is a sought-after speaker who has the innate ability to leave her audience inspired to realize their own dreams and ambitions. She speaks from the heart and has spoken in more than 20 countries around the globe; energizing hundreds of teams and organizations to take-action.

Her diverse personal experiences, simple strategies, research-based tools, and ability to connect and engage with her audience make her a dynamic speaker and a catalyst for positive change.

By blending eastern philosophy with her own diverse life experiences, Julie delivers thought-provoking messages, shares inspirational images and video clips infused with personal stories of growth and transformation. She is a professional member of the NSA- National Speakers Association, a TEDx speaker, a Million Dollar Round Table speaker, and a regular guest on podcasts, radio and talk shows.

The Author

Words of experience-based wisdom

Book Cover

Moving Mountains

C-Suite Best Seller and a ‘must read’ for anyone looking to access their inner mountain of resources.

Moving Mountains is the go-to guide for anyone feeling stuck and in need of a hyperdose of inspiration, actionable ideas, relatable stories, a ‘step-by-step’ process to get your mojo back and move any mountains that stand in your way! A great book to dip in and out of when you need to move forward emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically in business and in life.

Moving Mountains is now available as a 10 module online, multi-media course that can be experienced anywhere in the world and includes a monthly check in call with Julie.

Spirit Of Water Cover

Spirit of Water

-Launching March 2022-

Where there is water there is life… Julie’s connection to water began at very early age; her love of swimming led to her training and qualifying to swim the English Channel solo in 2018 and as a team member in 2019. Despite being unsuccessful on these epic attempts Julie’s love and interest in water has inspired her forthcoming book: ‘Spirit of Water’.

This book taps into the transformative and healing power of water over our emotions, intuitive potential, resilience, and our ability to flow through challenges and change.

The Facilitator

When the student is ready the teacher appears

Julie offers a host of integrated well-being and resilience retreats, courses, and experiences both on- line and in person. In partnership with a team of carefully selected, experienced professionals. Julie provides individuals, teams, and organizations tailor-made solutions, in gorgeous locations, around the UAE and the globe to fast-track individual and team development. You can be confident that your experience will expand your mind, energize your body, boost positive emotions, deepen your connection to nature and create new channels for you to flourish in all areas of your life. She lives, walks, talks, and breathes what she teaches.

Julie’s Formal Qualifications

BSc Degree in Sports Science 
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner
Certified Stress Management Instructor through the Paramount Wellness Institute, Colorado
Accredited Resilience Consultant through Nicholson McBride
Positive Psychology – University of North Carolina & the School of Positive Transformation
The Science of Well-being – Yale University
Positive Mindfulness – The School of Positive Transformation
Currently in practice with the Institute of Zen Leadership
Active Member of C-Suite (Network, TV, Radio, Best-selling Authors)
18 years in the health / fitness / sports management industry
18 years in the resilience, adventure, and well-being industry

Julie’s Awards

Middle East & Africa Business Awards
Most Motivational Personal Development Expert 2021
Best Personal and Professional Development Specialist 2020
Corporate Live Wire Global Award
Performance Development Expert of the Year, UAE, 2020/21

Working with Julie

Julie is a breath of fresh air in a world that has forgotten how to breathe. She restores vitality, purpose, and a sense of direction. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the hunger for a connection with nature and seeking out remote locations is higher than ever. As digital fatigue sets in, it is time for us to refresh, recharge and re-wire for the next new normal. Carving out new pathways to success, navigating mental resilience, emotional well-being and positivity are now more critical than ever.

Wherever you are on your journey, Julie will meet you where you are and create programs to meet your needs. Maybe you are just starting out on your path and need a trusted guide, perhaps you have reached a point where you need an accountability partner to take you to the next level or you have reached your peak and sense there is something more, something missing or a very different deeply desired place beyond the summit.

Who has Julie worked with?

Julie has worked with high-profile companies across the Middle East, Asia, India, and the USA including:

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
Emirates National Oil Company
Astra Zeneca
Land Rover
Zayed University

ZF Engineering
American Chamber of Commerce
British Business Group
Million Dollar Round Table
Women in Law
C-Suite Network
Etihad Airways
World Human Development Congress
House of Rose
Dentons Law Firm


Reach out to set up a discovery session to see how Julie can be the catalyst you need to get to the results you want for yourself, your team, or your company.

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