Moving Mountains

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If you are looking to inspire your team or your organization then Jules Lewis is the women to guide you all the way to the summit be it a real or metaphorical mountain. – Roslyn Mason, AECOM Middle East


It takes the strength, courage, wisdom, compassion and energy of the mountain in YOU to MOVE MOUNTAINS.

In this adventure of soulful stories, wisdom, thought-provoking exercises and actionable ideas, Julie gently guides you to discovering your inner mountain and finding your path forward emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically in business and in life.

Moving Mountains will guide and inspire you to:

  • Clarify where you want to go and how to get moving
  • Reconnect to what brings you joy and gives you energy
  • Bounce back from setbacks
  • Boost your courage and confidence
  • Master your mind and lead by example
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This is a book that challenges and is challenging. Using stories and examples, the author shares the meaning of truly living a full, fulfilled and adventurous life. If you feel you need encouragement, courage or a swift kick in the pants (!), this book can move you to action. It is perfect for individuals but also speaks loudly to business teams and leaders. Because of the interesting make-up of the book, it can be used as a self-study or in a study group format.

Lois Creamer
Book More business
Jo Simpson

A highly engaging read – I could literally feel Julie’s energy jumping out of the pages. A compelling read from start to finish and also very inspiring to pick up and dip into a daily basis.

Jo Simpson
Reclaim your values, love what you do and lead with purpose, author of the Restless Executive
Ginny Whitelaw

With Moving Mountains, Jules Lewis bursts forth with energy and insight, showing us we are the mountains we move and how to create our own story of indomitable spirit.

Dr. Ginny Whitelaw
Jennifer Ann Gordon

Julie Miles Lewis’s “Moving Mountains: Discover the Mountain In You” takes an unconventional approach to leadership and professional development. Joy. Adventure. Nature. Discovery. What I love about “Moving Mountains” is that Lewis approaches professional and personal development as two interdependent sides of the same coin.

Jennifer Ann Gordon

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