The Resilience Advantage

” Stand Like Mountain – Flow Like Water  – Lao Tzu


My interest in Resilience started many years ago when a colleague commented,  “ Julie, you are so resilient “.  I was keen to find out what that actually meant and trusted that it was a good trait to have!  Having read several books on the topic and experienced many situations in business, sports and life that benefited from my own resilience levels it became clear that resilience is VITAL to success. The next step for me was to certify in this field and be able to offer on line tests, reports and programs to clients around the globe. As an accredited Resilience Consultant through Nicholson McBride in the UK I have been super busy delivering keynotes, programs and “ Resilience in Action “ off-sites & expeditions.


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Assessing your RQ (Resilient Quotient) and RLQ (Resilient Leadership Quotient) can be done through two simple on line tests which, once submitted, allows us to collate your personal RQ / RLQ Report.

For more details on Resilience testing, reports and programs for you, your team or your organization  drop me a message and lets get started.


I operate as a strategic partner for Nicholson McBride in the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi and the USA.  I look forward to teaming up with YOU, YOUR TEAM, YOUR ORGANIZATION to supercharge your Resilience and Resilient Leadership levels.

Are you ready to move mountains, discover the mountain in you. . .or maybe even climb one?
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