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Take the plunge and immerse yourself in different bodies of water to experience the transformative power, healing, guidance and inspiration that water  offers us when we take the time to be still and listen to her messages.

All the answers can be found in water. Water is life,it’s all knowing and all loving. It’s  the only element that can shapeshift into three forms, from a liquid to solid to air. It has the capacity to memorize and transfer information. From Masaru Emoto’s brilliant research we can see that  when water is exposed to words such as  thank you, love and gratitude  it changes it’s molecular structure to form beautiful hexagons. When it is exposed to negative words if forms misshaped crystals.

We are 70-90 % water! Our thoughts, energy and words carry a vibration that has the power to impact us at a cellular level. What we say, feel and do impacts our health and well-being. The Spirit of Water invites you to turn up your vibrational frequency , to  consciously choose your thoughts and words. To be what Emoto refers to as a  Aikansha-bito ( “ a  beautiful human of love and gratitude “)

Could it be that the form of water you choose is exactly what you are seeking right now? Personal experience has taught me that taking on the traits, spirit  and attributes of different forms of water has helped me navigate the twists, turns ,tides  and currents of my life, business and relationships; I trust it will do the same for you !

My wish is that  each immersion will remind you of something you already know yet may have forgotten that you need to know! That water will offer you renewed  emotional richness, freedom and wisdom; an opportunity to BE more and let the doing FLOW from there.


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