How Resilient Are You ?

Why are some people better at coping with life than other ?

Why do some people have the ability to bounce back from tough times and be stronger than before ?

THE ANSWER IS RESILIENCE …and the good news is that it’s a package of skills and behaviors that you can develop whatever your age, circumstance or experience. *

The more experiences you have the more resilient you become . The more resilient you become , the more you are able to adapt swiftly to change and thrive during even the most challenging of times.

There are 5 essential elements that contribute to resilience and evidence shows that these skills , attitudes and behaviors can be refined, developed … and in some cases even learnt from scratch.

The five elements are :

Earlier this year I became an Accredited Resilience Consultant though Nicholson McBride – the top group of business psychologists in the UK and Europe. Based on the training I am now able to offer RQ ( Resilient Quotient ) testing , reports and customized programs for individuals , teams and organizations who want to create NEXT LEVEL resilient performers who will succeed in a challenging and changing marketplace.

Out of the five essential elements , the two that tend to score the lowest are : Individual Accountability & Managing Stress and Anxiety .

Score bandings are given as a %- as an overall RQ score and five separate % scores based on each of the elements .


Curious to find out how resilient you are … read on !

IQ & EQ + X = the ability to thrive during turbulent times .


The RQ training brings together powerful assessment and feedback tools coupled with research based content that centers on the five essential elements critical to success .

The RQ test is easy to complete and will give you a clear indication of where you are strong and where you need to improve. Follow on workshops are customized based on the RQ results and participants leave with a “ready to action” strategy and a clearer path to success both in their professional and personal lives.

A persons level of resilience will determine who succeeds and who will fail – it’s true when climbing a mountain , running a marathon , leading a team , starting a new business , writing a book, fighting for your life on a hospital ward or leading conversations and business in the boardroom ….

It’s tough to get to the top …. and even tougher to stay at the top .

Resilience is a vital quality for leadership success.

76 % of people at board level say that resilience is essential to career success – yet only 10 % of people at any level say that their organization places any emphasis on building and maintaining resilience as a factor in career success ( Bond & Shapiro )

It’s time to take action !


Drop me a note at : and lets get started !


Resources :

  • Jane Clarke & Dr John Nicholson – Resilience – bounce back from whatever life throws at you
  • Julie Miles Lewis – Moving Mountains – Discover the Mountain in You
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