About Teaching Resilience in AGEIST

Julie Lewis, 58: Teaching Resilience

Julie Lewis is a resilience guide, organizing “re-wilding” adventures bringing people outside their domestic comfort zones and helping to build resilience through enlarging the scope of their experiences. 


Julie Lewis knows something about resilience. After being widowed at the age of 36, and experiencing a transformative moment at the summit of a mountain, her first ever climb aged 40, she created a new life chapter..

With the current turbulence we are all being buffeted by, having a strong element of resilience is a handy trait to have. Julie is an expert on the topic, with considerable personal experience — from the early loss of her husband to her endurance-pushing endeavors in the Arctic and the Himalayas.

Why is resilience important today?

Nature is dynamic and life is change. Nature is a classic example of being resilient, of knowing and trusting that change is inevitable and weathering that change. Our lives have changed so much over the last….

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