Overwhelmed, heading towards burnout, uncertain, feeling disconnected, out of shape, emotionally exhausted ,  anxious, low on energy, feeling stuck, unable to focus, lost your mojo, spending too much time on line ? 


Julie  is  “ human sunshine”, she casts light on even the darkest of situations with her insightful  ideas, tools and strategies to re-ignite performance, productivity, profits, employee enrichment, engagement and community. She is an award -winning entrepreneurial  adventurer, sought-after speaker and coach and the go-to  consultant in resilience, positivity, employee well-being, personal and strengths-based leadership. Using her signature Power of Three philosophy  blended with a practical, interactive  and impactful style, she helps individuals, teams, organizations and government agencies around the world step out and show up with unshakable courage, confidence and compassion.

Easy to action pathways to success with a focus on

Resilience, wellness & self-awareness programs – powered by nature


Power of Three
Circles for Success

What will happen if you don’t take action ?

You stay stuck

You miss out

You burnout