Julie is a high energy, high content speaker, motivational in style. She speaks from the heart and three decades of experience. Her strengths based approach energizes people to make positive changes and take massive action using research based tools and strategies.  She has enabled hundreds of teams and organizations to step out of their comfort zone, stay focused, motivated, overcome obstacles, have the courage to try new things, take consistent daily action and move swiftly to the next level of performance.

Julie blends eastern philosophy with her own diverse life experiences to deliver unconventional insights into everyday personal and professional challenges. Infused with her personal stories and insights, her transformational programs are supported by powerful images, thought-provoking messages and easy to apply NOW tools. Julie interacts freely with the audience and her ability to connect with each person ensures everyone is part of the event.

Julie guides her audience to:

  • Zero in on current challenges faced
  • Stay cool in hot situations
  • Use setbacks to build momentum
  • Replace the same old strategies with the best ‘NOW” tools.
  • Bounce back from setbacks
  • Lead by example and lead fearlessly
  • Develop a “ mountain mindset”
  • Adapt swiftly to change
  • Cultivate an action orientated – solution focused approach
  • Think, eat, move and sleep like a champion
  • Take giant leaps into greatness
  • Stay open to possibilities
  • Have fun in the process!

Julie has spoken in more than 20 countries around the globe and feels at home wherever she is delivering her high content programs.

She holds a degree in Sports Science, is a NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Stress Management Instructor, Accredited Resilience Consultant, and currently in practice with the Institute of Zen Leadership. Julie is an active member of the C-Suite Network, C-Suite TV, C-Suite Radio, C-Suite Best Selling Authors in the USA.  Her C-Suite Best Seller Book “ Moving Mountains” is a personal development workbook packed with transformational stories and leadership lessons for 21st century business and life.


On reaching the summit of a mountain on her 40th Birthday, Julie had a defining moment of clarity; to shape the experiences she had gained in health, resilience, self- leadership and self -management into a Company where she could inspire, educate and enable people to reach new heights both professionally and personally. Mountain High was created following this climb and over the last 15 years has evolved into the most credible company dedicated to delivering programs, off-site corporate retreats and signature expeditions for teams and organizations that want to create NEXT LEVEL PERFORMERS.

Julie has been described as “ a rare jewel in the crown of integrated self-leadership “ Her ZEST for people, nature, adventure and finding solutions to everyday challenges enables her clients to step out of their comfort zone and accomplish more than they ever thought possible.

Julie has proven that by putting the physical, mental and emotional health of individuals at the heart of an organization, business results   are dramatically improved, productivity and performance levels are increased, absenteeism due to health and stress is greatly reduced and sales, service, staff engagement, customer retention and profits soar as a result.

Julie has led multi-national teams on 61 expeditions around the globe to include the Arctic and Antarctica; on a personal level she has climbed several high altitude mountains, to include the highest peaks in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe. Her extensive experience leading cross- cultural and cross- generational teams on transformational expeditions around the globe and across 7 continents allows her to offer lively travel stories and leadership lessons from the great outdoors. Julie looks forward to experiencing and sharing more of the world with YOU and YOUR TEAMS.  

Julie’s  C-Suite Best Seller Book “ Moving Mountains” is a personal development workbook packed with transformational stories and leadership lessons for 21st century business and life.




Sharing answers to your biggest questions
YOU to take bold action
Deliver memorable PARTICIPANT CENTRED LEARNING keynotes and programs
Inject personality and a sense of humor though STORY telling


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