In today’s fast growing, 24/7 business environment; employee wellness is essential for individual, team and organizational success. Numerous studies show that keeping staff healthy, happy and engaged positively impacts creativity, productivity, performance and talent retention.

The balance, harmony and integration of the four keys to peak performance is essential for success in 21st Century work, life and play – how you THINK – EAT – MOVE-SLEEP.

Drop me a line or give me a call and lets get your team on the PEAK PERFORMANCE PATH through a half day / one day session to get kick-started .


  1. Introduce the AUDREY © Mastermind and Body Principle
  2. Discover and apply the TEMS © system
  3. Experience the methods used in each of the four areas
  4. Each participant to complete their own TEMS © action plan sheet and commit to it.
  5. Nominate accountability partners to ensure the system is applied and followed after the session.


Introduce and reinforce the importance of the balance, harmony and integration of the TEMS © system to peak performance and productivity.

  • Understanding and applying the AUDREY © Principle
  • The benefits of the TEMS © System –why it’s important
  • Practical application of the tools for each of the 4 areas
  • Creating your own personal TEMS blueprint for success


JulIe Miles Lewis is a high-energy catalyst for personal and professional transformation. With over 25 years in the health, sports, adventure and leadership field Julie has established herself as the “ go to woman” for clients wishing to inspire and enable their employees, teams and organization to challenge the norm, ride with change, push boundaries, reach new heights and stay happy, healthy, resilient in the process.

Julie is a great believer of leading by example and is passionate about helping people to take action and be present with courage and confidence.

Julie established Mountain High in 2003 after climbing her first mountain in Malaysia (Kota Kinabalu) and since this time has trained and led multi-national and cross generational teams of women and men on 58 expeditions to 20 countries to include the Arctic and Antarctica. On a personal level she has climbed 19 high altitude mountains giving her a wealth of “ resilience in action “ experience.

Her background in Sports Science, Stress Management, Mindfulness, Zen, NLP and adventure travel combine to offer a diverse, dynamic and thought provoking approach to personal and team leadership development.

Julie is the author of the C-Suite bestseller book titled “ Moving Mountains”- a personal development workbook for 21st century living in business, sports and life.

Originally from the UK, Julie has lived and worked extensively in the Middle East, USA and Asia. She is currently based in Abu Dhabi and loves to travel around the globe to share her wisdom and insights with the corporate and educational world through speaking, delivering workshops and leading tailor made retreats and expeditions.


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