Signature Strengths

Signature Strengths

45 minute one-to-one coaching
session live on ZOOM


Many people in today’s world focus almost entirely on what’s wrong with them ; their problems, their struggles, and their stressors ; doing so means they often lose sight of what is good and strong in them.

The VIA Character Strengths test is a simple yet eye-opening  SELF-AWARENESS tool to identify your signature, middle and lower strengths. There are 24-character strengths and 6 virtues ;  the good news is that you have the capacity to express and develop all of them. At certain times ( during transitions  & major changes ) some of the strengths become more important.  By taking a strengths-based approach in life it’s much easier  to shift your focus from what’s wrong to WHAT’S STRONG.

Your SIGNATURE STRENGTHS  are those strengths that best describe the positive aspects of who you are. Finding ways to use and express these strengths brings  many benefits

  • Increased  happiness at home and work
  • Improved  relationships
  • More balance, harmony and health
  • Increased  performance in business , sports and life
  • Achievement  of  your life goals
  • Broadened resilience
Your Character Strengths Profile
Take advantage!


To take advantage of this  “ profile and coaching’   package simply register and pay on line ( $97 )

When you sign up for this the profile and coaching package you will be sent a test link for the VIA Character Strengths test. Once you have submitted your answers your personal strengths profile will be sent to you directly . I will also have access to your report so that when we schedule the coaching session we are both on the same page!

  • The  45 minute one-to-one coaching session will be live on ZOOM. Once your payment has been received and your Strengths profile has been completed we will fix a mutually agreeable time to  explore how you can leverage your signature strengths in all areas of your life.


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