How are you leading , performing and transforming in today’s complex business landscape ? Are your thriving , struggling or falling apart ?

One thing I know for sure, the more resilient you are the more able you are to rise to the challenges and changes that come your way ; the more experiences you have ( be they good or not so good ) the more resilient you become .

Studies show that the more resilient individuals , leaders , teams and organizations become the more they are able to :


  • Bounce back after setbacks
  • Respond swiftly to change
  • Perform at their peak
  • Face and rise to the challenges ahead
  • Manage stress and anxiety
  • Remain optimistic
  • Be accountable
  • Remain open-minded & flexible
  • Focus on solutions
  • Thrive in a complex marketplace

and that’s just for starters !

The good news is that Resilience can be developed at any age , stage or set of circumstances. It is developed through experiences ; the more experiences we have the more resilient we become.

Earlier this year I studied and trained with Nicholson Mcbride (A leading Business Psychology Group ) based in the UK and now able to offer RQ and RLQ testing , reports and programs for leaders , teams and organizations who are committed to creating resilient ” next level” performers who will succeed in a challenging and changing marketplace .

Here’s a snap shot introduction to the 5 elements and dimensions of resilience as identified by Nicholson McBride .

Five Elements of Resilience ( Identified by Nicholson McBride through years of extensive research and the collation of over 40,000 RQ – Resilient Quotient Reports.

  1. Optimism
  2. Individual Accountability
  3. Solution Orientation
  4. Openness & Flexibility
  5. Managing Stress & Anxiety

Five Dimensions of Resilience ( currently under data sample research )

RLQ – Resilient Leadership Quotient

  1. Vision
  2. Effectiveness
  3. Empowerment
  4. Responsiveness
  5. Supportiveness

Take the Resilient Leadership Quotient Test ( Aimed at senior managers, leaders, C-suite executives, entrepreneurs )

Click on the link and submit your test answers ; a report will be collated and sent to you from Nicholson McBride . Once you have it and need additional / follow on guidance and training for yourself , your team please let me know – I am ready and here to help !

CALLS TO ACTION – RESILIENCE BUILDING OPPORTUNITIES with MOUNTAIN HIGH … Over the last two decades Mountain High has created unique opportunities for individuals , teams and organizations to leave the office and immerse themselves in remote , challenging , diverse environments ( where seniority becomes irrelevant and barriers are removed ) Adventure challenges encourage resilience, teamwork , leadership, creativity & resourcefulness to flow

Meaningful , impactful experiences ready and waiting for you , your team , your organization .

24th March – 7th April : Trek to Everest Base Camp – Nepal

17-26th April : Arctic Challenge – Svalbard

3-11th May : Camino De Santiago – Galicia ( north-west Spain )

18-28th May : Kumano Kodo Trail – Japan



Julie Lewis works with organizations that want to create next level performers who will succeed in a challenging and changing marketplace . She is a professional speaker, adventurer, author of the C-Suite Best Seller TV book titled ” Moving Mountains”.

Julie is the first and only Nicholson McBride Accredited Resilience Consultant in the UAE and looks forward to sharing her three decades of experience in business , sports , adventure and life .. all backed by research driven science.

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