Resilience Quotient (RQ)

RQ Profile & Mentoring package

45 minute one-to-one mentoring
session live on ZOOM

  • Why are some people better at coping with changes and challenges?
  • Why do some people seem able to spot the silver lining in any cloud?
  • Why do some people have the ability to bounce back from tough times to be stronger than before?


In today’s rapidly changing world resilience is a vital success skill.

Major trends, transitions and shifts are impacting every industry and more than ever, individuals, teams and organizations need to be able to adapt to changes challenges swiftly and bounce back from setbacks.

Resilience is a quality that helps you turn adversity into advantage and threat into opportunity and the good news is, it’s a package of skills and behaviours that you can learn or develop whatever your age, circumstance or experience.

The RQ ( Resilience Quotient ) test is a great SELF-AWARENESS tool to assess your current level of resilience based on 5 essential elements :

  • Optimism
  • Solution Focused
  • Individual Accountability
  • Openness & Flexibility
  • Managing Stress and Anxiety

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Sample RQ Report
Resilience Quotient live on Zoom
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To take advantage of this  “ RQ Profile & Mentoring ’   package simply register and pay on line
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  • The 45 -minute one-to-one mentoring  session will be live on ZOOM. Once your payment has been received a test link will be sent for you to take the on-line RQ test. Once you have submitted the test you will receive your RQ report. Then we will fix a mutually agreeable time to review your report and discuss how to further build, boost and broaden your RQ and cover any questions you may have.


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