Women’s Wellness Experiences

Dates: 9-14th July & 16-21st July 2021
Location: Provence, France

Join Julie on this amazing adventure.
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Make the rest of your life the best of your life!

Our unique integrated wellness experiences are  aimed at women in their 50’s and beyond who want to build and boost their strength, flexibility,endurance and resilience surrounded by nature and supported by a team of women who have your best interests at heart.

Over the 6 days you will enjoy a cross section of outdoor activities, healthy food, self-awareness workshops, lively conversation and focused sessions to help YOU live your healthiest years yet.

Activities are centered around:

  • Mobility Core strength
  • Cold water therapy/swim
  • Home- cooked nutritious food
  • Meditation

  • Self-Awareness Workshops
  • One-to One Coaching
  • On-Going Support
  • New Friends

Below you fill find the program notes and booking form.

If you would like to arrange a call for me to talk you through the program drop me a note.

Put Yourself In the Picture

Download program notes and bookings forms via the links below, please complete the booking form and send it to julie@julie-lewis.com to join this adventure.

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