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Rediscover Your Own Backyard- REWILDING!  

Many people have put a hold on flying due to potential border restrictions; quarantine time periods or simply until they feel more comfortable to do so. After months of being indoors it’s important to REWILD and spend time outdoors and offline.

Be PART of Nature – not APART from it and enjoy what I call a BIO-BLITZ!

It’s so important to take time  to shift from screen based directed attention to big picture fascination and attention restoration through immersive experiences aimed at boosting your NQ – Nature Quotient.

With this in mind we will be putting together some  DAY CATIONS & STAYCATIONS in and around the UAE with a focus on my home city of  Abu Dhabi. Join us and  rediscover your own backyard, make the most of the natural spaces around you and enjoy some fulfilling experiences closer to home.

Choose the PLANET instead of a PLANE!

Be open to new experiences

Look after your mind and body

Do more of what makes you happy

Spend time with positive people

Grow your skills


Put Yourself in the Picture! 

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