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The Resilience Advantage
5 Essential Elements For Success


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Why do some people have the ability to thrive during turbulent times and bounce forward higher and stronger than before?

Why are some people better at coping with life, change, challenges and uncertainty than others?

Why are some people more able to spot the silver lining in any cloud?

The answer is RESILIENCE  and the good news is that it’s a package of skills and behaviors that can be learnt and developed so that you can FLOW and GROW through CHALLENGES & CHANGE. Tough stuff hits us all – it’s how we deal with it that counts. Whether you are climbing a mountain, writing a book, moving to a new country , learning a new skill, setting up a business, fighting for your life in the hospital, taking care of elderly parents, adapting to working from home/remotely, on the front-line of  COVID-19, studying for exams, or simply feel that there is something more you can do to help yourself live a  fulfilling, purpose driven life – RESILIENCE IS THE KEY.

This unique 5- week program will focus on the critical skill of RESILIENCE, a skill which is  more essential than ever as individuals, teams and organizations navigate extended periods of lockdown, major changes in their personal and professional life and experience increasing levels of uncertainty and ambiguity.

We are all called upon to navigate, respond and adapt to ever changing circumstances. This live, virtual program will help you BUILD | BOOST | BROADEN  your resilience so that YOU can FLOW and GROW through challenges and change.

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Watch Julie in some videos on Resilience

Program Overview
Program Dates – 2022

Wednesday  19th January
Wednesday  26th January
Wednesday 2nd February
Wednesday 9th February
Wednesday 16th February 

All sessions will be LIVE
( replay’s available)

Program Overview
What you Will Learn

  • What  Resilience means
  • Why Resilience is important
  • How you can develop Resilience
  • The Five Essential Elements of Resilience ( Optimism | Solution Orientation | Individual Accountability | Openness & Flexibility | Managing Stress & Anxiety )
  • Your personal RQ – Resilience Quotient ( participants will have access to an on-line test to generate their own personal RQ profile )
  • Your signature strengths and how you can use them to shift and lift from feeling stuck to being in flow ; from victim to master.
  • Resilience Rituals to keep you on track and bouncing forward higher & stronger

Session Details
The Resilience Advantage

A lively, practical introduction to resilience – what it is, why it’s important, how it’s developed, how it’s measured and how it can be applied to your business  and life. After this session you will be given a link for an online test to assess your own Resilience Quotient (RQ) and have your personal RQ report sent directly to your email for review and discussion.

Optimism & Solution Orientation

In this session  we will highlight, explore and discuss the actions, habits and behaviors of Optimists , the meaning of Optimism and how to  apply it  to all areas of our life/ business. We will also zone in on the power of having a solution-focused mindset that allows you to anticipate, eliminate or  simply avoid unnecessary challenges.

Individual Accountability & Openness & Flexibility

Accountability to yourself, others, your organization and community plays a significant role in your ability to push boundaries , challenge the norm and inspire others in the process. Being impeccable with your word, doing the things you say you will do all tie into this trait.  Openness and flexibility are two super-powers that make it easier to handle uncertainty and ambiguity ; there are many paths to success – you just need to pay attention and be open to new ways, thoughts and strategies. After this session you will be given a link to access an on-line VIA Character Strengths Test to generate your personal strengths profile.


Stress is a force , which, if not managed, neutralized and eliminated can seriously impact a person’s health and therefore their ability to perform. Up to a certain level stress is a positive motivation force, an energizer that encourages us to act, stay out of dangers way and achieve our goals. Beyond this it runs the risk of being debilitating. In this session we will identify common stressors, symptoms of stress and strategies you can implement immediately to reduce, neutralize and manage stress.

Real Time Resilience & Resilience Rituals

Pulling it all together ! This session will be an interactive and lively review of the 4 sessions we have shared together. We will share real time resilience stories and rituals that we can each learn and grow from. This may be the end of the program yet it is the launchpad of a more fulfilling resilient way of being.

More information
How the Program Works

The sessions will run for 60 minutes via a live video zoom room and be a blended format of content, discussion & application. The sessions will run every WEDNESDAY  at 7pm  UAE time ( please check your time zone so you can join live ) You can be anywhere in the world and join us ! You will receive  post session emails with key points and exercises to do. You will also have access to me via email with any questions that might arise.

Who is This For ?

This program is for anyone keen to develop their resilience, implement a set of resilience rituals ,  stay calm and optimistic during challenging times, activate a more solution-focused-action- orientated  mindset, manage  stress and anxiety and have a more open and flexible approach to challenges and change both in business and in life. The content will be particularly useful for those in the financial, banking, real estate, events, oil , tourism  and  technology sector.

About Julie

Julie is a British  award winning personal and professional development specialist who has lived and worked in the Middle East and Asia for the last 20 years. She is a certified Resilience Consultant through one of the top Business Psychology Organizations based in the UK- Nicholson McBride.  She is a seasoned adventurer, speaker, author and entrepreneur who challenges the way people think, act and dream. Over the last 19 years she has trained and led multi-national teams of women and men on life changing expeditions around the globe and as a result has a wealth of experience in adapting to new and often unpredictable environments. Through her own diverse , often unusual, sometimes life-threatening  and occasionally heart- breaking  experiences in business and in life Julie is a solid Resilience  guide to have by your side.



You will become part of a forward-thinking pro-active group of diverse individuals who will learn , grow and support each other.


I will be with you every step of the way and invite you to stay connected with me in between sessions and indeed after the program concludes.


As part of the program you will have the opportunity to book a 30-45 minute one-on-one session with Julie  to review your RQ  and Strengths  Profile report.


$500 – Includes :

5 Live sessions ( and replays )  |  Unlimited Email Support | Access to Resilience  Resources | Your own Personal Strengths Profile Test and Report |  Your own Personal RQ Report | One to One Coaching Session With Julie.

This program will be open to 20 people maximum to ensure a tight knit group, personal attention and good group dynamics.

Your participation plants a tree

The Ghaf Tree is the National Tree of the United Arab Emirates where I have lived and worked for the last 20 years.

The Ghaf is a drought tolerant, evergreen tree and is possibly the sturdiest plant of the harsh desert environment. These qualities make it the perfect tree to be associated with,  and supported by, our Resilience Advantage Programs.

We have teamed up with Goumbook’s Give A Ghaf Planting Program and will purchase and plant a Ghaf seed for every person that signs up to our Resilience Programs. At the end of the program you will receive an e-certificate of appreciation for your contribution.

Together let’s make the planet cooler, greener and cleaner and plant “seeds of resilient positive change”.

Click here for more information on the Give A Ghaf Program.


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