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Join Stephanie O’Dell in conversation with Julie Lewis, an author, entrepreneur adventurer, coach and resilience guide. Julie knows something about resilience. After being widowed at 36, and experiencing a transformative moment at the summit of a mountain during her first ever climb at age 40, Julie created a new life chapter.

Residing in Abu Dhabi (note the 9am PT talk time), Julie is on a mission to improve the physical, mental and emotional well-being of people by sharing her experience-based wisdom and academic study of resilience. In addition to writing, speaking and coaching, she organizes “re-wilding” adventures bringing people outside their domestic comfort zones and helping to build resilience through enlarging the scope of their experiences.

You will be inspired by Julie’s authentic, interactive and straightforward style. She has climbed several high-altitude mountains, attempted a solo-swim of the English channel and has led multi-national teams of men and women on 61 expeditions to more than 20 countries including the Arctic and Antarctica.

We will hear about some of the most challenging, unpredictable and remote environments and how overcoming obstacles and remaining calm, focused and optimistic has led to her being called “Human Sunshine.”


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